26 September 2018


Brutally distorted industrial pulsations, monotony punctuated by vocals with an ominous SPIRITUALIZED sweetness lurking beneath the surface. There are moments - notably "Otaku Tsumoto Mizutani" - that wander down a dark alley of painful ambiance, just as there are moments of subtly soaring beauty....the entirety of Codex Demi-Monde is a journey. Without going into easily researchable details and pretending to know more that I actually do, Elden M. or ALLEGORY CHAPEL, LTD. has collaborations with BONE AWL, NOOTHGRUSH, AMBER ASYLUM and countless others under his belt, and has been in the game for most (all?) of the last three decades. The presented version is a 2014 reissue a self titled 1996(?) cassette release, and is well worth your time. 

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