11 September 2018


The freedom to create alone, to realize your vision in a void, unhindered by outside influences....it is powerful. I can imagine that the pull of solitude has played a key role in countless important works over hundreds of years, and I am pleased to see this method entering the world of independent music more and more. The "artist" in this instance is Olympia "band" NIDSTANG, and the creation is a brutally harsh and chaotic black metal release. Blackened speed punk and a jackhammer's subtlety, after the 100+ second introduction to "Castrum Doloris" there is nothing but fear and pain seeping out of this shell. No one to talk you out of it, no one to help you realize that there's another way...even a better way. So you just do it...and you do it loudly. 

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..crucified freedom.. said...

if you like this, you should try this one too: https://gutterskull.bandcamp.com/album/portals-amidst-the-carnage
similar but still more raw and something shorter..