27 June 2018


I love/d this band. Even though these two recordings are older than half of the crowd at an EXPLOITED gig in 2018, I was extremely pleased to see them repackaged together for redistribution to the masses. 7 MAGNIFICOS are weird, trippy, fast, snotty, catchy, and just simply brilliant. Added sounds and samples breathe life into the midpaced burners and there's an energy to both recordings that just can't be faked. SPITS level irreverence applied equally to Latin American '90s melody (which I've come to believe is just a love for RAMONES filtered through a reverse cultural appropriation, but I digress....) and feisty USDIY hardcore. Brilliant and weird punk music. 

I posted a version of many of these tracks that was released as Per I Qualche Dollaro Piu (Por Un Punhado De Dolares Mas) during the early days of The Escape, and I keep that link live because the band is so fukkn good. 

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