01 June 2018


A buddy from Sacramento handed me this gem a few months back, said that he thought I should have it. He was right. THE YAH MOS kinda slipped by me at the time - too quirky perhaps? - and being able to revisit stuff you didn't pay enough attention to at the time is one of the genuine joys of punk, right? Full of attitude, these tracks (culled from two EPs and one compilation) sound more exciting and relevant now than I imagine I would have found them 25 years ago, but picture manic Midwest hardcore (say....HOLY SHIT!) and snarky California punks (as much as it pains me to say it...fans of F.Y.P. will eat this shit for breakfast) but throw in way more hooks than either of those bands can muster and a barrage of '90s San Diego screaming guitar leads....THE YAH MOS were a product of their time, perhaps...and perhaps their time was excellent. 

And speaking of Sacramento, I will be there tonight at Holy Diver. You should bring me more relics from your fine city's punk history. Let's go back to the '80s though, shall we?

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