19 June 2018


This one has always struck me as hopelessly smart...like - maybe to smart for its own good. A Mark E. Smith irreverent swagger in the vocals gives these four jerky tunes more attitude than should be allowed without a license, and then there's the guitar that reminds me of SKATE KORPS (who, it turns out, were also from upstate New York - this might not be a coincidence) and a crisp, sharp presentation that defies punk in almost every way. Almost. "Complicated Medication" screams under-the-radar '80s UK post/art punk while "The Haze" comes of like a boisterous, angular, brooding (mostly undeniable) classic. This one is from 2014, and decidedly more calculated than the MALLWALKERS split or the "No Solace/Waxing" 45 that preceded it...I'm glad I don't have to choose between the two approaches. 

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