10 June 2018


Current band from Houston. Fukkn smokes. Listen loud, listen often. If you like North American Hardcore Punk Music, then you likely like LACE. There's a 45 and a 12"....but I post tapes. My Mask Is Off is a tape, and it is very good. 

Tour is over tonight, final show in Calgary. The last time I was in Calgary was in 1996...FUCKFACE and HICKEY played a model shop and it got real wild. Not like a fashion model shop, that would have been weird....like a shop where people buy plastic model cars and airplanes and shit to take home and put together with rubber cement and get all high on the fumes. Anyway, it was wild, one of the best shows on that trans-Canadian tour. I hope the same tonight at Dickens, even though there will likely not be any models of any kind, car or human. Calgary residents are encouraged to bring me Canadian punk and mutant cassettes from the'70s and the '80s and the '90s and the '00s and the '10s. I will shower you with gratitude and or loonies. Your choice. 

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