20 June 2018


Maudite Mémoire was a random 50¢ purchase a few summers ago, and this 1992 document is a perfect example of why I continue digging....and hopefully always will. Rooted in Québécois folk but with an ear to Faubert's '80s act JANITORS ANIMATED (I snagged the My God He's Terrible 12" from another discount bin on a trip to Tulsa in the late '80s...) this tape is full of beautiful haunting a cappella lilts with instrumental accompaniment on two notably excellent numbers. "La Passion De Jésus-Christ Telle Qu'inspirée Par L'Évangile Selon Majorique Duguay" is a mouthful, but rarely do I come across a single track that so completely envelops the listener, and rolling straight into the light hearted "Lamentations Sur Les Restes D'un Âne" is a perfect segue. The sincerity in the voice makes it sound as if Faubert is manifesting as Leonard Cohen singing alone in a cathedral - something that I wouldn't have known I wanted to hear until I actually heard it. And so we keep digging....

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