08 June 2018


Most of these tracks have appeared in these annals previously, but the monstrous impact that RHINOCERVS has made cannot be understated, and this collection is an excellent example of their power. Devour All The Living Things was released in 2013, compiling twelve tracks from Rhinocervs releases, and when you put them all together like this, the label/band/collective present an even more imposing presence than any of their releases on their own. Several tracks from the untitled RHINOCERVS cassettes (catalog numbers 02, 03, 07, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15) along with the numbing TUKAARIA, GLOSSOLALIA, and ODZ MANOUK, I have never come across a collective creative power as compelling as this one. Bleak and terrifying black metal from Los Angeles, presented in all its mutated forms over the course of just a few years, RHINOCERVS as an entity will be missed even though their very legacy may have necessitated their dissolution. 

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