29 June 2018


I miss Chicago. I miss dipping down there to see or play shows. I miss sitting just to the outside of a tight knit scene that defied the disconnect of a massive megalopolis. I don't miss the traffic....but thankfully I get to bask in that steel and concrete glory in my current locale. And I miss the bands. The bands from the north side, the bands from Pilsen, the bands from the NW suburbs and, more notably after I left, the emergence of the NWI punks...they never seemed to isolate themselves, and it wasn't just new bands every time you blinked - it was good new bands. This 2013 comp gives you just a quick taste of what I (we) have been missing by not paying attention to the North Coast; DECAY AFTER DEATH's MotörGoth/DBeat hybrid sets a bar so monumentally high, and then stalwarts POPULATION, CEMETERY and STARING PROBLEM keep killing it before handing over the rest of the cassette to outfits that were new (to me) when this thing dropped. MAC BLACKOUT BAND, HAWAIIAN PUNCH, idXed, SLAG, KRANG, MORAL VOID and manic thunderous bass/drums grind from DIE TIME....everything on this tape rules. It's all here, it's all great, and I'm happy that I'll be flying into Midway on my trip in July. Maybe we'll stop by the Chicago Diner for a Seitanic Caesar before heading to Cream City for the 24.....

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