22 June 2018


I really liked this from the start, and even though it's pretty far outside of my typical wheelhouse I found (and still find) myself coming back to it. Wildly infectious melodic punk with vocals up front, two female leads trading trading harmonies while they call/response through future classics like "Destroy To Contain" as if the layers of voices from FUZZBOX had been given new life as a completely different band on a completely different planet. The tunes are catchy as hell, and they swing with a drive and urgency that sits in contrast to the pure pop from some of the song construction. In a different lifetime this is Simple Machines, borderline riot grrl, early '90s college radio fodder with an occasional BABES/SMUT vibe...but in this lifetime it's three punks bashing out a few banger...but pretty bangers that will stay with you for days. I like things that are pretty. 

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