30 June 2018


I like when a band, through delivery or recording (though typically a combination of the two) can come off this cold. It's in the stark staccato vocals barks, it's in a smoothed out guitar that sounds almost out of tune, and it's in the deliberate construction of the midpaced songs that they play on this 2016 cassette - the first of two self titled bangers. Sonic images of '80s AustroDeutsch dark DIY punk lurking deep in the shadows, never overpowering KETTENHUND's vision but still refusing to leave this form completely. The vibe on this tape is so overpowering that it took several listens to really let the songs themselves sink in....and I was already more than hooked by the time I got there, making short bursts like "Dreck" hit even harder than they would have on a casual listen. It's not about more, kids...it's bout better. 

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