09 June 2018


MotherFUCKKR. What the fuck is this and where has it been all of my punk life? I have a hard time understanding how something this brutal has stayed off of the radar for so long, but I'm glad to have it now...because now is better than never. Holy SHIT this thing bangs hard - relentless bursts of neanderthal hardcore absolutely in line with INFEST, CROSSED OUT, and/orNAUSEA (LA). Not that DEMISE sound like any of those acts per se, but we are talking about that level of intensity. There are a handful of vinyl releases that I've seen and passed up over the years, because I am an idiot, I suppose? After jamming this thing on repeat for like two hours and mentally crushing all of my internal enemies, I resolve to include them all into my fold eventually. Hopefully "eventually" in this case means "soon." Listen to "Is The Future?" a few times and tell me you aren't on my team....

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