23 June 2018


Around the turn of the century, the DIY scene around these parts was exceptional. That's not meant as some "back in the day" comment, or to imply that things are not exceptional now....I'm just saying that punk and hardcore in and around San Francisco circa The Year 2000(ish) was really fukkn good. THE LAB RATS were the kids who took us all by surprise...the SF kids (which is different from the East Bay kids...and notable because SF has always felt like an "older" punk communnity) who showed up with tiny combo amps and just ripppppped with a live energy that made us old people  (read: late 20s) take notice. Connor's vocals are straight teenage fire on this recording....hell, the whole band is straight teenage fire. Ultra high energy fastcore/punk that blends subgenres with a casual, if accidental, ease that still gets me like a kick in the pants. 

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