10 May 2015


If you thought I was going to start back up with some crucial piece of Asian hardcore history that I unearthed on my recent journey, then I'm sorry to disappoint you. Unfortunately I wasn't able to hit Flower Records in Nakano (a hotbed of weird demos, I snagged the SEX one song banger there in '09), I passed on the handful of rare Japanese tapes I came across (wisely deciding that my Yen would be better spent on records), and cassette culture was a thing of the past before punk culture took hold China or South Korea. I did scoop a couple of Mongolian tapes that will intrigue the open minded and bum out punk purists, but those are for another day. Today you get noisy, raw, disjointed and irreverent Brasilian hardcore dished out by a crew of teenage punks and weirdos in the late '90s. The attitude here can be found in a lot of current Midwest HC rehash, the 6th unnamed track in particular would sit quite nicely amongst the pile of gold currently plopping out of Northwest Indiana's backside. Sharp, smart, and unabashedly filthy hardcore punk. Welcome back.


Aylmer said...

Welcome back to you too. How was Mongolia?


You guys play with S.C.O.D. in Wuhan ?
Also was wondering if Conquest would want to be on my second worldwide comp ?
Here's my first label released comp, working on Vol. 2 right now:
Vol. 2 will be just as good if not better !
I have 60 bands from all over the planet, about 40 confirmed already.
This will be on my new label in Los Angeles.
Let me know what you think.
I can send you a list of bands confirmed.


the wizard said...

I wish, man!! We asked if they could come up and play Beijing, but it was a weeknight and it's not exactly close, so....great band though!! I'm sure we can dig up a track for the comp, thanks for asking...currently writing more shit while the Asian tour high is still fresh!