12 April 2015


The Escape is closing shop for a few weeks while I go on tour to places I've never been before and meet people I've never met before, and then I will go to places I have been before and hang out with rad people that I haven't seen in a while. Since you won't be getting a daily dose of audio insults to your intelligence and verbal diarrhea, might I suggest that you: 
1) visit Maximum Rocknroll (and after you listen to the latest radio show, why not subscribe while you're in the neighborhood?)
2) visit Remote Outposts
4) check this out because....well, just do it. Trust me. 

I've been in CONQUEST FOR DEATH for almost a decade now, through a continuous credits reel of rotating members, understudies and fill ins. We've done some pretty crazy tours, and committed financial suicide more than a few times without learning our lesson. So this time we are playing in Mongolia, China, South Korea and Japan....hopefully I can get some tapes. I mean, you want me to get some tapes, right? Send me your good tapes vibes so I can score some unknown Mongolian metal cassette and then I can share it with you and we all win. Also, we have a new split EP with FLIPOUTA.A on 625 - I'm pretty stoked on it and I'm pretty excited to hang out with those monkeys in Japan. Also...did I mention that we are playing two shows in Mongolia? See you punks in May....

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Anonymous said...

I have a hard time believing the well traveled Wizard has never been to these locales... okay, Mongolia is the exception.

My brother was in Mongolia years ago and heard the muffled sounds of a metal band rehearsing from a governmental building in Ulan Bator. This was around the time that Mikel Board wrote about the band Hurd. I hope you score a bunch of demos and make Luk Haas jealous.