31 May 2015


Got these tracks on a tape from Devon a while back, and it reminded me how other worldly this band was. Nowhere near straight forward enough to be death metal, way too metal to appeal to Japanese hardcore purists, and too innovative for anything approaching mainstream attention. Watching them live was like watching an earth mover destroy a playground, casually sucking all of the sugar coating out of life and leaving you with reality, and recorded is no different. On my list of top shows ever: HELLCHILD, DS-13, ARTIMUS PYLE and DDX13 in Joe's Garage outside of Reno in 2000. Not a bad gig at all, and watching Scottzy smoke meth in the loft while convincing a teenage mall punk girl that he was a bad influence and that it would be a bad idea for her to get in the van that was parked across the street...in front of a playground and in broad daylight? That was pretty funny. Only two songs here, and no recording information - just an endorsement and an anecdote.


The L-RV said...

Thanks for posting!
After that MUGA post, I was gonna hit u up about these dudes to see if you had any rarities - of course you always come through.

Anonymous said...

one of my favorite for sure. i was listenin to them just a few hours ago!thanks