17 May 2015


An incredibly difficult to digest collection of tracks from SHREDDED NOISE. I am inclined to believe that the folks at Chondritic Sound issued this 40 minute release as two cassettes simply because devouring the aptly titled Failing To Maintain in one sitting might drive you mad. Electronic chaos and pseudo-rhythmic industrial damage combine forces here in the most gloriously cacophonous manner. Not for the weak.


kingpossum said...

Aptly named outfit all right, though there's far more brutal stuff out there. I've always wanted to ask artist and listener of this stuff to describe their attraction to it.

Last Exit is one of my all time favorite groups and I guess what makes them so listenable for me (and this not so) is they brought the noise with organic instruments rather than electronics.

Thanks for the post. Always good to press the ears into new sonic territory.

the wizard said...

Always appreciate the comments, thanks! I remember hearing LAST EXIT for the first time in high school....shit was so terrifying and fascinating. Found this TV appearance a while back, and the weird editing just adds to the mindfuckedness of the whole thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66MJ-KOFBFQ and Sharrock's face during the solo at 5:30 or so is just priceless.

For sure there's WAY more brutal stuff than this SHREDDED NERVE, but I love how deliberate and calculated the whole thing is...the act of listening takes so much patience ("Delusions Of Conflict" is variations on a 10 second loop spread out over 10 minutes!!), as opposed to full on all encompassing noise that just envelops you. I surely see the appeal of "organic" instruments, but the manipulation of electronics is on an entirely different plane.

Thanks again for the words!

kingpossum said...

@the wizard:

I know that Last Exit clip. Priceless indeed. Truth is I like a lot of manipulated electronics--but I tend to go for the less abrasive stuff. Which is weird because I love abrasive music as a rule.

That said, I adore it when Melt-Banana goes off with their electronic freak-outs. Love that stuff. So I guess it just comes down to the sonics at the moment and how it hits me at the time.

Who knows, I may revisit Shredded Nerve down the road and totally dig it.