18 May 2015


Haven't posted any lo-fi blown out distortion-laden punk since I came home, so here's GULAGS. Detroit noise mongers bashing through amped up pogo punk dished out with gratuitous chaos seeping into every crevice of the mix...but check the sneaky hooks in "Preach Roses," there's more to this than just power and fury. The vocals throughout are powerful as hell, landing somewhere between VIOLATORS and ICON GALLERY...repeat listens confirm that she has a no bullshit set of pipes, and subtleties like that make it well worth digging through the distortion. But if you aren't interested 
in subtleties and just want to rage, GULAGS have got you covered.

1 comment:

Jason said...

Thanks for the upload, Wizard. I love it! Does this band have a web presence of some sort?