22 May 2015


Shockingly stacked upstate New York comp from the mid-'00s. Sloppy snarky punk shits, pissed in your face hardcore shits, lots of raw and lots of punk. Bands you might have heard of include WARSQUAD, THE DENTS and BLÜDWÜLF. Bands you've never heard of but should get familiar with include BOB BARKER + THE WOMANIZERS, THE END, NOBODY CARES and 17th CLASS. Regional compilation tapes kinda rule.

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Matt said...

This is awesome, I'm from Syracuse, NY and started becoming familiar with the Rochester scene right around this time but missed most of these bands by the time I actually got over there for a show (closer to 2006). I've got another great comp titled ROTCORE from 2009 that shows the evolution of that scene if you're interested!