14 May 2015


DEAD FISH would have found themselves at home on the Fat or Epitaph rosters in the early '90s had they been from California, but instead they became one of the biggest melodic punk bands in Brazil. If you still have a soft spot for FACE TO FACE, or perhaps are able to admit (when your cool friends aren't looking) that the first couple of LAGWAGON records have a few bangers hiding under the slick veneer, then you will want to quietly dig into this 1993 demo, DEAD FISH's first. People say they are like the Brazilian BAD RELIGION, and when I saw them in Natal in 2001 I would have had a hard time arguing that stance - ultra high energy, tight as any band I've seen, and feeding off the audience's energy as much as they were feeding the audience energy. The monkeys at Läjä Records slapped this and the '95 demo onto a disc sometime in the '00s, so a physical copy awaits you...

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