27 May 2015


Just saw the SUBSTANDARD/NERVES split EP in a bargain bin in Osaka and urged my buddy to scoop it up (it's genuinely one of the finest regular residents of the dollar bins of the world), an easy choice at twice the price. Ripping UK hardcore from both acts on that split, and I was raving to him about how I see the record all the time and why doesn't anyone care about killer under the radar jammers and about how I later met one of the dudes in NERVES and he is chill, all while flipping through the bargain cassettes: boom, there's the SUBSTANDARD demo for about the price of two sips of beer. So there you go, always check the bargain bins.


Dan said...

I spin that split often. Been a favorite since it came out. I have the great Substandard discography LP that includes the demo, but never heard more from Nerves.

zeroid said...

This looks like an alternative cover to the demo, its on the FBook page of Sonia who did loads of artwork for bands like Oi Polloi , Concrete Sox etc