30 May 2015


I try not to get disappointed about things that I miss when I'm on tour because...well, because I'm on tour and I'm doing a cool thing so I shouldn't be bummed about missing out on a different cool thing, right? But last month, playing just a 15 minute walk from the VOCO PROTESTA, LAST SENTENCE, KAFKA show in Osaka was pretty harsh - well, at least until you realize that I spent the night playing with TONE DEAF, FLIPOUTA.A, FEROCIOUS X, COMPLETED EXPOSITION, and DIRTY IS GOD. So there's no disappointment here...but LAST SENTENCE is really fukkn good.

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Anonymous said...

This is so damn good. I'd never heard these guys before, but they made an instant fan of me. Please share anything more of theirs you ever get your lucky hands on.