11 May 2015


On the recent CONQUEST FOR DEATH tour, I was lucky enough to not only spend time with heaps of old friends and acquaintances, but meet a long list of new punks, metalheads and ragers and see a pile of bands I had never heard of before our trip. That's the point for me, and it's the main reason most of us keep doing this shit...I want to get floored by LAI SEE in Beijing, and I want to have brief heart-to-hearts that will stay with me for years, even if our paths don't cross again. These punks from the Philippines provided me with similar experiences in 2008, even though RUSH IxDx was a side project on hiatus when we were there. We played with members' other bands in Lucena, and got floored like we wanted and had the heart-to-hearts like we hoped...and the encounters are still with me years later. This outfit reassembled in 2009 to make this recording (A-side is their studio output, live versions and some extra covers on the flip), and fans of The Fast Shit will lament that this handful of tracks is all you're gonna get. Good times, kids...but good times with a point. That is what this thing is all about. 


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glad ya dig em Robert. salamat!