12 May 2015


Those of you who paid attention to the Sounds For Wax Museum cassette from a while back will want to sit up and take note here, and for those who let that gem slip past instead of through your grey matter, I urge you right your wrong as quickly as possible. Born from the same barren Canadian plains, CRIST APPEARING AS SUN offer one hour (as the title suggests) of lurid avant garde outsider sounds on a cassette that practically defies description. Lurid, suggestive, disturbing and impossibly engaging loops and manipulations come together as a brilliant composition instead of an aural dumpster diving expedition....the second side could be inserted anonymously into the Cazazza catalog and no one would suspect a thing. This is new millennium sound, my friends...and honestly this is probably a better listen if you aren't quite ready. Turn down the lights if you are at home, and settle in for a weird day if you are in your cubicle.

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