29 May 2015


No secret that I have a soft spot for the stuff that we all called "melodic hardcore" in 1994, I bought the "Liza & Louise" single just like many of you did, and, even though I purged mine years ago, I'll still tap my toes when I hear it. But what I really like is that kind of music played by DIY punks, because it somehow sounds different and somehow sounds better. That's how ASUNTO PENDIENTE strike me; high energy catchy punk with excessive backing vocals (and whoa-whoas) and that middle ground between pop punk, hardcore, and quality college rock. Countrymen FUZZY skip the high energy hardcore and just go straight for JAWBREAKER styled crooning melodic punk (except on "Pasión," a burner with a driving pogo beat that makes me wonder what else these kids had up their sleeves), and pull it off perfectly without ever sounding like a soulless clone of anything at all. Both bands are from Uruguay and left a limited discography, so enjoy what you get your ears on.

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Turbo Jorgensen said...

Thanks. I forget how much I enjoy this kinda stuff.