01 June 2015


I can't think of a current band who dishes out this brand of DBeat brutality as well as Budapest rippers HUMAN ERROR. Every song is a whirlwind, and everything is delivered with relentless precision...after a few tracks I can't really do anything but sit with my mouth half open and numbly nod along - more that 15 years in the game and these kids have only gotten more intense.  PSYKOANALYYSI, Finland's offering to the split are more metal in both presentation and production, with high pitched vocals instead of the guttural roar typically associated with meaty euro DBeat. Their fast parts are faster, there's more blasting, and they are completely comfortable slowing down to a GENOCIDE SS pace and crushing you with patience (eg: "Kaupan Jonossa"). But the highlight of their side is the final 45 seconds, the breakdown that closes "En Anna Anteeksi" is worth the price of admission on its own, and makes the rest just seem like a juicy bonus. Both bands are absolute crushers, and have been flying under the North American hardcore radar for way too long.

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blasting D said...

yes, two really good bands and a great split!