22 April 2014


CONQUEST FOR DEATH is going back to Brasil and I couldn't be more psyched - shows with our pals CÄTÄRRO and D.E.R. and finally we get to see fukkn BANDANOS. With any luck, TEST will play on a sidewalk somewhere and melt our minds again (seriously, that link is the video for the show they played in 2011 outside our first São Paulo show - you need to watch that shit). Also, we will get to see OHLO SECO, ARMAGEDOM and MOB 47 and I am going to eat acarajé on the street in Fortaleza and Prime Dog at 3 o'clock in the morning. Also, we will play some shows.

But instead of leaving you completely in a lurch, I leave you with some places on the world wide net to visit and enjoy:
Perhaps you should just trust me on this one? The man behind this project is a legitimate genius, and anyone who lived through (or has heard stories about, or likes bands from) the '90s DIY scene needs to get amongst this now.
This dude played drums for RUDIMENTS, OFF DA PIGS, FUCKFACE and ARTIMUS PYLE among others. The most insane drummer I've ever played with, and an extremely great fellow. I don't normally share "uplifting" or inspirational things on this blog, but holy shit man - this is 3 1/2 minutes that will change your entire perspective.
Kind of a weird one, but this is a link to my mother's blog. 67 years old, and she and her husband (who is 70) are on a three month trip hiking and climbing through Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and other places that I have never visited but hope to some day. I always thought that I would be able to talk about my travels to my folks and watch their eyes grow wide at my tales of playing to African metalheads in Botswana and othe adventures....but a few years ago they spent weeks hiking village to village in Kurdish eastern Turkey along the Iraqi border and I knew that I would eventually need to up my game. It's good to have something to aspire to, even if it's something as not-hardcore as your mother - also, she updates that shit daily.

I know I have a ton of requests for re-uploads, I'll get on top of that when I get home. Honest. See ya'll in a couple of weeks...


Icky_7734 said...

Thank you for this link, RC.
I haven't seen the man in ages, and honestly, I am glad - glad that none of us run like we used to, and glad of the man he has become. Us too.
Have a great tour, Brother

kingpossum said...

Enjoy the tour and rip it up.

vickz said...

Heey there, enjoy the tour here in Brazil, you are gonna love São Paulo, the scene here is sick, and there are a lot of crazy and great people here where i live! cheers Victor