14 April 2014


Sometimes I am a little late to the party, and this tape is a prime example. There are punks in this world that have been listening to this demo for months, and here I am just turning myself onto it a couple of weeks ago. My fault, no excuses, the fukkn thing was sitting in my pile, I just get distracted. But maybe the wait made ABSOLUT just a little more awesome? More tantalizing? More mysterious? Probably not, but it helps to make me feel better about snoozing, so let me have my consolation...please? This Toronto outfit is the very definition of bombastic Japan/Sweden DBeat hardcore, but with classic heavy metal solos instead of the Scandinavian bendy notes. And I can't believe that no one has thought of this marriage before now, because it is a beautiful union. I try not to beat myself up about missing shit while I'm on tour, but these dudes are playing a few blocks from my house a few days after I leave, and that is a bummer. 

They've released a couple of online demos since this early 2013 creamer, and while I think the recordings lack the power of their first offering, the jams on Insane Power Demos are certified. West Coasters should consider themselves lucky.


Colostomy Hag said...

Oh Wizard, you are rarely late to the party. For a middle-aged youth, you certainly have your ear to the ground. Besides, age ain't nothin' but a number.

Your aggregation and dissemination of demos obscure is a treasure. For real.

Anonymous said...

great fukkin band. can u separate the tracks please? and also i demand an abhor (uk82) re up if possible.....btw thos riffs....THOSE RIFFFFSSSSSSS

kingpossum said...

Mega. Blessings for bringing this blast to the rest of us.