03 April 2014


First off, I would like to note that the cover here indicates that people around the world have been getting bent out of shape at Maximum Rocknroll reviewers for decades, which (as a longtime MRR reviewer) I find entertaining. I've seen JACK WITH KILLER's name for years, but only heard the band recently...my loss. Two demos in today's download (you win, punk), the five song ripper pictured above and the decidedly more noisy and off the wall sounding Black Sheep. This shit is unconventional and struggles to color inside of accepted hardcore lines (I would argue that while the Black Sheep demo fails at staying inside of the lines, it succeeds at being awesome). Totally off the wall early '90s Japanese hardcore, not even remotely cool...which is exactly why you should like it.

Ignore the sticker, ain't nothing straight forward about this shit...

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