08 May 2014


It should surprise no one that, after a trip to Brasil, I am jump starting The Escape with some crucial Brasilian hardcore that you've never heard of. No need to feel slighted, I had never heard of DR. MOBRAL before a couple of weeks ago, and I'm guessing that most people outside of Brasil (or, dare I say, the state of Espírito Santo) still haven't...but holy fukkn shit do they need to. The connection between Finnish and Brasilian hardcore is well established, and it's painfully evident on these two tapes from the late '90s....discordant, damaged, manic hardcore that is equal parts VOID, TERVEET KADET and COLERA even though they came more than a full decade later. Both demos are included in the download (I've been gone for a coupla weeks, so I figure you punks are worth a double shot...right?), but I'm not picking favorites. The Onde Está Nossa Liberdade is a dozen songs, while the self titled banger makes its statement in less than half that many. I can assure you that these songs are not cool and/or hip in anything approaching a first world sort of way...but for those of you who like to have your ass handed to you by some unheralded maniacs that live really far from you? You know what to do.

For those who are interested, this band features Mozine from Läjä Records and MUKEKA DI RATO. He is a funny ass dude who was, essentially, exactly the same two weeks ago as he was when I met him twelve years ago. It's good to have friends like that.


Adopt A Cat said...

I've been going through Wizardrawal babybee. Hope your tour was a blast. I'ma download this shit and see what happens. Get high.

the wizard said...

Comments on this tape emailed to me from my pal Renzo in Vila Velha:

Dr. Mobral is from Vila Velha. They are from a generation of bands, one of the greatest, from here that built up a reputation of Espírito Santo as a place with a small scene, great bands and crazy people.
Bebê (ex-Mukeka Di Rato) was the singer. Mozine from Mukeka Di Rato/Merda/Läja Records the bass player. Gustavo the guitar, I guess was the responsible for SHIT TAPES, and Léo Aranha on the drums (plays in Morto Pela Escola)

The first demo is from 96/97, the one with the Statue Of Liberty whipping a guy.

The second tape is from 97/98, with a muddy house on the front, with the same line up. Recorded on Estúdio Mario B, that you will see featuring in other tapes.

I know that they have a full album recorded but never heard and never got released because they were complete mess at that time - haha. Mozine may have this unreleased record lost under his bed.

They were a finnish hardcore and "crustcore" maniacs as you can hear. All lyrics are in the same vein, political.

the wizard said...

Man would I love to hear that unreleased full album....