09 April 2014


My knowledge of this French outfit is extremely limited (nonexistent, in fact), though I have seen their name for years. Unfortunately, these tracks come from a homemade mix tape, so my already limited background information would be subject to the factual inaccuracies of the (presumably...hopefully) blitzed punk rocker who lovingly put this 90 minute mix together many years ago. While I always assumed that BÉRURIER NOIR were a two fingers in the air chaos punk act, this tape starts with midpaced gruff drum machine/guitar tunes that lumber more than rock, and while perhaps something is lost in translation and the lyrics are the draw (mon français est tout à fait insuffisant), I find them rather boring. The pace picks up with tracks from the Nada 12", but it's essentially an improvement on the same formula. There are a pile of songs that are attributed to a live record (Concerto Pour Detraques) and then a few legitimately catchy swingers that close the whole thing out (admittedly, these are the only songs I will ever listen to). Always wanted to know what they sounded like, and now I do...peut-être un FOTE français peut éclairer le reste et entre nous et de fournir un contexte historique?

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there not the best French punk band but still a good listen a good French band to check out is kidnap them BÉRURIER NOIR are some of the few French punk bands who didn't turn racist in the mid