06 April 2014


Ignore the cover (I actually considered not posting it because the full color amateur photoshop so blatantly dates this release) but dig the jams...please. How many bands like HIPOKRYZJA must there be? Earnest and fierce Polish punk along the lines of masters like ARMIA and TZN XENNA, but this tape comes from 1997, when the style was (perhaps?) out of vogue at home but the internet had not yet become the great geographical equalizer. This tape is almost an hour long, and parts of it might be too produced and "modern" for some, but take a look at some of the other shit that QQRYQ released (POST REGIMENT, SCHIZMA, CITIZEN FISH, DEZERTER, loads more...) and perhaps you will decide that diving into Nie Jesteście Inni is a good idea. And you will be correct.

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Bolungar Vik said...

Bravo. The Wizard RULES.

Amateur photo shop punk shit is starting to look good to me. I like being able to date something based on design. This was certianly "of the time" and not aping another era. Modern retro punk art oft times blows.

No better time than the present, but if you gotta go nostaglic you must admit stuff like this was a sign o' the times... and da nineties weren't so bad.

Bad photoshop revival scheduled for 2018. Will the oldsters get it?