04 April 2014


You ever been to Bakersfield? Probably not, and there was a time when I probably would have told you that there was no reason to do so. And while I might have been giving the correct advice at the time (like the time I got maced by security guards at a pizza joint on new year's eve), I would suggest that, in these modern times, Bakersfield is at the very least and interesting place to visit...and it is potentially awesome. You can see punk bands in a boxing gym, you can look at the America that used to be (or perhaps never really was), you can go to a thrift store and then pop across the street to a porno theatre, and you can go to Going Underground and lose hours looking at records. And while you are looking at records, if you are me, you'll probably get distracted by the tapes too - the cover and title alone intrigued me here, and I was prepared to buy blind when the proprietor told me it was a space mix of dancehall and reggae...hmmmm...I don't really give a shit about that shit (it's an apathy born of ignorance, I admit), but when a dude who seems to have impeccable taste presents an hour of faves from relatively foreign genres, then I'm intrigued. From the source, this is: "60 minutes of reggae and dancehall hits taken from my records and space mixed."  I do not know a single artist on this tape, but I found it to be 60 minutes of sheer bliss. 

This was taken around the corner from Going Underground. Refuse To Lose.


Matt said...

Amazing mix, love when you post this kind of stuff.

Tony said...

Love this mix tape!