11 April 2014

"BACK TO THE 80's!"

You've heard me espouse the virtues of the tape trading days many times on these pages (or are they screens), and this banger is yet another prime example of how much mix tapes rule and how much my buddy Devon benefits from decades of relentless networking. Screaming '80s heavy metal, strutting through Pigalle in search of the next sleazy strip club, tight leather and frills galore - every track on this tape would have owned a Sunset Strip Battle Of The Bands any time before 1985. DEMON EYES mix classic Vince Neil vocals with a touch of NWOBHM, while SORTILEGE flirt with dark power metal a la MAIDEN and MORSÜRE dish out blistering double bass driven speed metal (their eponymous track is a face melting burner).  Classic driving heavy metal from SPEED QUEEN, ANYWAY and STOCKS flows nicely into a slightly more amped up version of the same animal from KILLERS and mid-era SCORPS meets Vengeance-era PRIEST from H-BOMB. "Rock Suicide" from ATTENTAT ROCK is sometimes my favorite jammer, but then there are times when the raw power of S.M.F. has me hitting rewind. This is for fans of the bygone genre, fans of the bygone culture of mix tapes (I know they are "cool," but I'm talking about a time when they were a lifeline), and fans of sleazy French heavy metal....wherever you are.


kin said...

Wow. I just put on my tiger striped headband and white Nike high tops for the second listen. Mega.

Rajen Bhatt said...

Fuck yeah...Demon Eyes' Garde a Vue is one of my favorite melodic heavy metal albums. Also a fan of ADX, Satan's Jokers, Der Kaiser, and Sortilege.

I love indoor soccer shoe metal!

Rajen Bhatt said...

I love indoor soccer-shoe metal! Demon Eyes' Garde a Vue is one of my favorite melodic heavy albums. This rules!

I recently got a French Old School Death Metal tape in the mail...might have to pass that along your way.