16 April 2014


Deep psych synths from DROWNER, a bit of an '80s influence and generally more constructed than 2011's Burning Room. But that's just the first few tracks, eventually their side of the split descends into the same sparse electronic bliss that I was expecting and then erupts with "Nail The Coffin Shut," which sounds like a Wax Trax! dancefloor burner that's been kidnapped by DJ Screw. On the flip, SELF COM offshoot has made a couple of appearances in the past. Sweeping digital despair that flirts with SUICIDE minimalism but denies us all of the hooks. Bleak sounds, with the painfully deliberate "Meal Worm" bringing a resignation that sets the stage for the band's closer, and absolutely morose procession called "Telephone Vision." Friends Of The Escape should already be familiar with SELF COM, a product of MUTANT VIDEO and FEEDING brethren, the outfit becomes still colder with this offering.

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