18 August 2013


Whether intentional or not, the aural presentation of these sounds is as interesting to me as the sounds themselves. Low fidelity is one thing, but Brooklyn's VORDE have drowned legitimately advanced black metal in a murky sea of washed out cymbals, guitars in a seemingly endless struggle with the mid range white hiss that constantly wants to take the lead role. But thankfully the songs win the battle, and the scene set by the aural presentation is a genuinely haunting one that benefits the band in the end. Droning, morose vocals and plodding drums give way to howling blasts and whatever nuance VORDE might have lurking far beyond the shadows...the overall presentation is a desperate wash of power and desperation, and I genuinely fear what might happen when this band progresses beyond the "demo" stage. The internet gets excited because the drummer for this band was in FELL VOICES, though personally I am more juiced hearing that the dude was in MOHORAM ATTA and the mighty RESIN HITS - but never mind "former members of" lists, this is raw North American Black Metal at its finest.

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