16 August 2013


60 minutes of early East Bay Area punk from the same gentleman that brought you Absolutely Zippo! fanzine. The track listing should speak for itself here: FUEL, BLATZ, GOODGRIEF, SPITBOY, ANGER MEANS, FILTH, MONSULA, FIFTEEN, JACK ACID, DOWNFALL (post-OPERATION IVY and pre-RANCID), THE GR'UPS, CHICKENHEAD (Florida cult noise punk from the purveyor of SCAM! zine), and the way lesser known FUZZZONE and BUMBLESCRUMP. Personal highlight is the PAXTON QUIGGLY/GEORGE HATED track, taking a spoken word track and slapping it on top of a PAXTON QUIGGLY instrumental - the slipshod mix adds to the dark vibe of the story. Even though I moved to this area a few years after Later, That Same Year (and didn't venture across the bridge with any frequency for a few years after that), these are the bands at the nucleus of the most important era of Bay Area punk this side of DEAD KENNEDYS. Raw, earnest and real.


Dk said...

!!!! xD

Harvester said...

You seriously beat me to this one by a day or two. Will probably post it still.

Todd Pritchard said...

Any idea what year this was released?