03 August 2013


One of the first shows I played in Europe was in Gronigen, Holland. We stayed with a super sweet dude named René and cruised around the city late at night while he went to see ISIS with his lady friend. René was in a criminally underrated band called THE LAST MILE (whose entire discography should be mandatory for fans of devastating European HC/crust) who we crossed paths with a few more times during our tour. Around the same time, René was getting GRINDING HALT off of the ground, an equally devastating but more emotional hardcore act that just drips with sincerity. This 2010 cassette compiles the Sprookjeshof 12" and splits with VUUR and DRAINLAND, and the tracks floor me every time I hear them. Splits this year with DAIGHILA and SUFFERING QUOTA (also featuring René on guitar) only show the band getting more intense. I haven't talked to the dude in several years, but if René reads this then he should know that his kindness and hospitality were appreciated...and that his bands are very very good.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Robert, your kindness is appreciated also - René

AG said...

great band and even greater fellows, they kindly carted my band around last summer. Hey, Rene!