25 August 2013


This is what I want from my punk. RAW NERVES are a juggernaut as fierce as they are smart, it's a brand of crushing and apocalyptic hardcore that has seemingly gone the way of other bygone subgenres, but fuck if these eight tracks are not pure and total devastation. Influences from '90s US DIY hardcore and early '00s heavy melodic shits are defiantly in the forefront, but this sounds undeniably fresh and unbelievably powerful. Subtle metal tinges in the guitar (ok, there are a few leads in the slower bits that are not so subtle) and vocals strained to their absolute limit, this band slogs forward with an unwavering determination that makes the slower tunes arguable more important than their rippers - "Not Getting Better" is total perfection. All of the recorded output from this band is excellent, but this slab (with a new vocalist) promises that RAW NERVES are only getting better.

we still try hard, it never gets better

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