09 August 2013


As I have mentioned before, a group of us hosted a monthly mix tape exchange in Milwaukee in the mid '00s. While interest in this event waned almost as soon as we got the thing off the ground, some seriously powerful collections of sound resulted from our experiment. This tape came from one Mr. Sirek, and features some seriously jarring noise and power electronics...but instead of just spending 90 minutes pummeling the listener (which would be relatively easy to do within the realm of noise) Sirek reigns through subtlety and skill. A consistent assault from CHAOS AS SHELTER is followed by VERTONEN's mesmerizingly calm ode. A SWANS by way of black metal excursion from SKY BURAIL is tempered by the sparse and hesitant peace of NIPSEY RUSSELO and ENVENOMIST. Positively brilliant tracks from LUASA RAELON and BENEATH THE LAKE are worth the entire cassette on their own, and incredibly brutal pieces from STROM.EC and AUBE ensure that any calm derived from peaceful interludes will be short lived. There is indeed an art to crafting a mix tape, and I dare say that crafting a noise mix tape is a decidedly more daunting challenge....Sirek did well.

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The Boo said...

Dude! Awesome! I had never seen this one. Stoked to get it - MMTX!