28 August 2013


I wish I could provide some personal insight or background, but I got this tape from Devon and I know nothing except that THE P.I.N.S. are one of hordes of San Francisco area bands that must have existed in the late '80s. Top quality snarky hardcore punk rooted in MDC, disenfranchisement, D.R.I. and adolescence - this tape does everything that the more influential and long lasting bands of the era did, but you didn't know their name until today. Without trying to read deeper meaning (or analysis) into tracks like "Ayatolah" (sic) and "Unemployment," suffice to say that I am quite happy to listen to hardcore punk that is at least concerned with the goings on of the world. Can someone please tell me why this unknown punk from 198something is important? I don't know man....but it fukkn is.

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