04 August 2013


A nod towards US hardcore to be sure, but Brasil's O INIMIGO eschew the knuckledragging aggression so en vogue today in favor of mid/late '80s hooks and melody. They never veer in the direction of pop punk, but instead take the approach mid tempo pre-emo acts like SWIZ and DAG NASTY and infuse it with the power of BL'AST. These dudes were totally not what I was expecting when they hit the west coast last fall (especially considering the breakneck fastcore and thrash of some of the members' previous efforts), but I was fortunate enough to see them four times in and around the Bay Area and I was sold from the first burst of energy. As good as the songs on 2011's Imaginario Absoluto are, the live show is even better. 

This cassette was released for last year's West Coast tour, LP/CD available from 78 Life.

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