14 August 2013


Sit down and take notes, kids. Vehemently straight edge and defiantly hardcore, Boston's BORN IN HELL dropped this tape in '03 and then moved on to bigger things. I'm not going to say those things are necessarily better because these five jams are ill as shit, but you are almost certainly more familiar with all of the bands that followed. It's super pissed, but the vocals have an earnest posi vibe and the music is intent without coming off as overly aggressive. The guitars are advanced well beyond four chord hardcore, and it should come as no surprise that these dudes are responsible for a mountain of crucial jams in the decade since this demo.

"so hate me because I see right through you / hate me because I've accepted my fate / we're just unremarkable people doing unremarkable things / pretty soon we'll all be dead and no one's gonna remember your name"

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Anonymous said...

Lost this one awhile back; incredible demo.

Thanks for the post...