21 August 2013


Do you remember ten years ago when København could do no wrong? I played there twice in 2003, and whatever either show might have lacked the town more than made up for by just being generally nice, accommodating and cool as shit. But it seemed like every band from that city was amazing - sure there was probably just a small percentage on our USAdar, but GORILLA ANGREB, AMDI PETERSENS ARMÉ, URO, NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, YOUNG WASTENERS....you get the drill. And now there's MØNSTERRPPORTEN, who seem to be treating shoegazing garage punk with the same same domination that the aforementioned bands treated their respective subgenres. It's just...perfect. Refreshing even (especially?) in the context of a seemingly constant need to impress, these jams are just fukkn good. That is a fact, not something up for debate.

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Harvester said...

You realize I read the first sentence and started downloading this before I read the rest, right? It's great!