17 August 2013


25+ years later, this listens like a (slightly) more metal STIKKY. Thrash punk/crossover from Illinois, these Bloomington, Illinois ragers rips through 12 ultra sloppy and ultra snotty numbers on their first demo recorded live in 1987. Later releases would have IMPETIGO dishing out gore/death metal and honing their chops substantially, but here they are ripping tongue in cheek pimply faced thrashers. More than enough energy comes through this recording to compensate for the less-than-precise delivery, and these dudes sound legitimately hilarious between tunes. I read once that this was recorded at their first live show, but consider that nothing more than an unsubstantiated internet missive.

Tracks from this demo appeared on the 1999 split EP with TRANSGRESSOR, which was my first exposure to IMPETIGO. The whole thing was issued on CD around the same time by a porno grind label from Europe, in case you were curious.

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