11 August 2013


You can dismiss this as hipster schlock if you like, but it'd be your loss. PEACE OF SHIT is the solo project of some dude who is in some band that people (presumably) care about though I think now they are a real band maybe...but all I care about right now is these damn songs. It's like some space age Reatard shit and THE SPITS all blissed out and half drunk making a party in my kitchen and arguing about whether or not INDUSTRIAL PARK is the second coming of MY BLOODY VALENTINE. While I like my kitchen in its current and empty state, I kinda like the idea of this fuzzed out 4-track party happening on the floor right next to where I make my sandwiches...

I read on the internet that PEACE OF SHIT have changed their name to DUMB BEACH. That's like changing your name from something weird and stupid to something that's just stupid. Good job.

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