08 August 2013


Snotty, loud, raw and punk as fukkn shit, Green Bay, Wisconsin's SUBURBAN MUTILATION will still put you on edge. Hits like "Daddy Was A Nazi," "El Salvador Stomp," "Eat A Preppie," and "Bored Teenager" just scratch the surface of this tape's greatness. I suppose they fall somewhere between the two famous DEAD bands of the early '80s (MILKMEN and KENNEDYS), but there's a RAMONES worshipping garage rock 'n roll simplicity that demands to be blasted at maximum volume and allows SUBURBAN MUTILATION to bypass advanced songwriting chops. These 13 jams come from a tape claiming to be a live recording, but if this is true, then they are playing in front of the least enthusiastic crowd ever and Rev. Norb's wit is conspicuously absent....but fukk me they are screaming. If this doesn't kick your day in the ass, then I'm not sure if I can help you.

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nicolai said...

I've heard that Beer City is doing a reissue of their LP. Cant wait!