25 April 2012


Received a killer package from Drunk With Power last week, and I've been blasting the UNBROKEN BONES demo ever since. Sick late '80s UK metal/punk crossover madness from Russia - blistering madness with gratuitous leads and massive presentation, with crew backing vocals to seal the deal - this is a four song masterpiece. Get amongst this NOW.

Drunk With Power order info: punkwithpower(at)yahoo(dot(com)


Icky said...


Dk said...

When I think Russia I don't normally think punk-metal (or punk for that matter). All that's beginning to change. This is pretty awesome stuff. Is there a English to Russian translation for the songs? Just curious to know what the song titles look like in their native tongue is all. I suppose I could google translate.

Anonymous said...

This tape is hitting all kinds of buttons with me. Love it.

Anonymous said...

i have the first demo (want the link?),is cool,but i cant tell which are their songs and which are the covers....Pretty sure there is at least one by the Boneless Ones...And this is good but too much derivative IMO
oh well,time to blast "Traders In Death" once again :D


Anonymous said...

Check Ork Bastards out:

Also great band from Russia!