16 April 2012


I know what you're here for, you greedy fukks. You want more noise, more fists in the air, more breakneck speed Scandinavia in your face, and you want it to be from somewhere very far from your house so you can feel exotic. I'm here to help. From Lion City, the bizarre and magical first world city state at the tip of peninsular Malaysia comes VAARALLINEN, ten tracks of hardcore fury in the Finnish tradition (and language) that do not let up for one fukkn minute. Vocals are a wash of reverb and the tempo is relentless -  I fully expected this to kill (members from EXKORIATOR and PAZAHORA sets the bar pretty high) and my expectations were left languishing in the dust after the first track. "Rotta Hakissa" is the standout here, but the whole tape is a creamer. 

Hard copies available through Blood Of War and Cactus.

1 comment:

KOSZMAR said...

hands down one of the best demos of the year! if anyone disagrees with that then they can go fuck themselves.