13 April 2012

PVC H.EX (002)

A collection of bands and misfits (or bands of misfits, if you will) from Grand Rapids, Michigan laying waste to all assortments of genre descriptors. There are a couple of barn burning punk numbers here, but this tape seems to mostly be a home for weirdos, something I can totally get behind. From the opening industrial dirge from AUDIBLE XXY you know this isn't your average comp, and a haunting siren by the name of WAYLON THORNTON really drives that point home a few tracks later. TELEFONES are circa 1979 styled new wave/art punks, WHITE MYSTERY are a raunchy version of the breathy garage that made me flip over fellow Midwesterners STARING PROBLEM, and WICKER BASKET play campfire music from outer space. INVISIBLE MANSION take me back to the heyday of early '90s guitar driven college rock, swirling in my brain like a primitive Shields, while eXXXposre are perfect '80s club jams. There are a few clunkers, to be sure, but this one is all over the map, and the quality level is shockingly high. As a sampler and introduction to the label, consider this one a success...not bad for a bunch of weirdos.

Hard working folks who do it for the love of sound (just like all of us at TEHQ), the PVC H.Ex collective is well worth your attention. Find them here.

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